Hello Hawaii

About a month ago, Anderson Le, programmer of the Hawaii International Film Festival, watched an early rough cut of OBAKE and strongly urged me to finish the film in time for the festival in October. HIFF is a festival that I adore, one I've been attending since I was young, and a HIFF premiere was always the goal. But there was still so much to do. So I took a week off of work, bought the cheapest ticket I could find, and here I am, back home, shooting pick-ups, recording ADR and so super stoked to announce that OBAKE will be having its world premiere at the 2011 Hawaii International Film Festival.

For the many of you who are here in Hawaii, I would love to see you all there.

The film screens on Sunday October 16, 1:00pm. It screens as a part of a shorts program which means that for the price of one ticket you get 9 films. Sweet deal.


And spread the word! Bring your friends, family, lovers of all ilk. Tickets go on-sale in a couple of weeks.

More information coming very soon.